NHS Breast Screening Programme 2012 Annual Review

Published 2012 | ISBN 978-1-84463-093-6

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Download the NHS Breast Screening Programme Annual Review 2012 PDF 1.85Mb

This year's annual summary reflects on the Marmot Review, and explores the impact of wider changes to the NHS on the breast screening programme.

Feature articles explore a groundbreaking intervention designed to increase awareness of the symptoms of breast cancer amongst women over the age of 70, and the effect on attendance rates of offering women an appointment during evenings and weekends.

The report also contains some useful annual statistics, presented in an accessible format. These include:

  • The number of women screened
  • The proportion of women accepting their invitation, by age and type of screening invitation
  • The quality of screening (acceptance rate, recall rate, benign biopsy rate, in situ rate, invasive cancer rate, standardised detection rate)
  • Assessment outcomes, by age
  • Treatment of screen-detected breast cancer
  • Total screening activity for all ages