The Forrest Report

Breast Cancer Screening. Report to the Health Ministers of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland by a working group chaired by Professor Sir Patrick Forrest

Published November 1986 | ISBN 0 11 321071 X | OUT OF PRINT

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In 1985, Kenneth Clarke, then Minister of Health, convened an expert committee chaired by Professor Sir Patrick Forrest to report on screening for breast cancer. The committee presented its report to ministers in 1986, and concluded that:

‘Screening by mammography can lead to prolongation of life for women aged 50 and over. There is a convincing case on clinical grounds for a change in UK policy on the provision of mammographic facilities and the screening of symptom-less women.’

It also concluded that the necessary back-up services would need to be provided to assess the abnormalities detected at screening.

Following the Forrest recommendations, the NHS Breast Screening Programme was established in March 1987 and began inviting women in 1988.