NHS Cervical Screening Programme 2012 Annual Review

NHS Cervical Screening 2012 Reviews PDF 1.66Mb

Published 2012 | ISBN 978-1-84463-094-3

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This year's annual review reflects on the roll-out of HPV triage, and explores the impact of wider changes to the NHS on the cervical screening programme. Feature articles explore the continuing impact of Jade Goody’s untimely death on cervical screening uptake, and investigate a groundbreaking project to improve screening uptake amongst the black and minority ethnic community in Dudley.

The report also contains some useful annual statistics, presented in an accessible format. These include:

  • The number of women screened
  • The percentage of eligible women who are screened
  • The number of samples examined by cytology laboratories
  • The number of tests showing different types of abnormality
  • The number of women referred to colposcopy with different types of result
  • The turn-around time for results
  • The proportion of tests that are inadequate

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