Statistics for the NHS Cervical Screening Programme

Data from the NHS Cervical Screening programme are constantly collected and analysed to monitor the programme's performance.

The most up-to-date figures for 2012-13 show that:

  • 4.24 million women were invited to come for cervical screening
  • 3.32 million of those women were tested
  • Almost 3.57 million cervical cytology samples were processed by cytology clinics (some women need repeat tests for clinical reasons)
  • 97.8% of women received their results within 2 weeks

Currently, 78.3% of eligible women have been screened at least once over the last five years.

For more detailed statistics, and further information about how this information is collected and analysed, please see the following two documents:

Annual Review 2012 (England)

NHS Cervical Screening Programme Statistical Bulletin (England 2012-13)

A web-based analysis tool which includes current comparative cervical screening and cervical cancer data at local and national level can be found at Gynaecological Cancer Profiles.

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